jellies 4

two legs

18 x 24


18 x 24


22 x 30

first day of summer

18 x 24

lie down and look up

18 x 24

a few more jellies in the shop.

and if these sell out before you have a chance to buy,  this is a heads up for you... you that want some but keep missing them..

i will be adding 5 more to the shop tomorrow, late afternoon and then i am going to stop for a bit, sit back, reflect and see where i want to go with these. 

the response has been kind of overwhelming.

so i need to check in with that and really think about it. 

i have some decisions to make about some things, including prints. 

plus i want to see how these play out on canvas and that will take some experimenting.

and honestly i'm not sure if it will work. 

so blah blah blah...just a little research and reflection on my part. 


anyway...mrs. mouth diarrhea (me).

please come back tomorrow if you're interested in owning a jelly of your own.