change of plans

i know i was going to talk table today but i decided to wait til my own table was ready for action. 

which it isn't.

i had a few glitches with dust settling on the oil paint and making it look like the table had pubes.

but i consulted an expert and she said, "sand it away dummy". 

so i did.

and now i have to put on the final coats of white and black and it will be finished.

and let me just say, IT'S AWESOME!

can't wait to show you. table talk today.


this kitchen of the day.

century maybe..

good god.

ok obviously the stove is the star.

but that hood is working and jerking me like a porn fluffer.




this dining room..

not very practical, no.

but so luxurious and beautiful to my eyes.


for all you squinters here's what it says..

"this is a purely decorative piece of art that is apolitcal and designed perfectly to fit over your fucking couch"

such irony. 

some days i would want to punch this art in the face. 

but then i would rest on the perfectly squishy sofa. 




sectionals 4 life. 


all images via AD ESPANA