table and brine


how was your turkey day?

everything come out ok? 

i have never brined a turkey before, chicken, yes..turkey, no.

and let me tell you, it makes all the damn difference in the world. 

i was always worried about fridge space.

and i'd sooner die than put that shit in a cooler on my porch and keep filling it with ice. 

but our turkey (a 15 lb-er) fit into the brining bag and into a 9 x 13 baking pan to catch drips and into the fridge just fine. 

i used the pioneer ho's brine and turkey recipe (gravy too).


there were only a few turkey mishaps and only one family member got thrown out for complaining about being all in all a successful thanksgiving. 

i was thankful i didn't kill him. 

score 1 for the pilgrims and me. 


turkey mishaps:

1. my brand new meat thermometer didn't work.

2. i spilled about a gallon of blood all over my floor and fridge when i pulled the turkey out to brine him. 

3. the pioneer trick's instructions aren't very clear with cooking times.

read that shit carefully 3 times before you cook her turkey. 

because saying you are eating at 2 and actually eating at 4:15 will be the reality of the situation. 

but DO cook her turkey.

it was flavorful and juicy.



ok, table talk...

i started with a REAL old pedestal table with lots of wear and tear. 

but rather than sell it or throw it in the fire i decided to paint it based on this inspiration pic..


i started with a light sanding....150 grade.

and then painted the white bits first.

i used this:


it's not available online but it was in my home depot store.

i used 3 coats with light sanding in between.

if i had had more time i would have used a primer. 

but this paint is so hard and durable i didn't think i needed it.

BUT for practical purposes, given that this is a table we use every day i am pretty sure i will live to regret that decision.

so prime your shit.


once all white was dry i went in with the black..


also not available online but was in the store.

the black showed every dust pube that settled in on top. 

so i sanded and sanded and closed off the room and still...


so i live with it because i am an impatient diy-er and i can't figure out how i could prevent this without a hyperbaric chamber.


overall it was easy to do but with oil based paints you have to let it dry between coats before you sand, or add another coat. 

and each coat took about 12 hours to dry. 

and the smell is intense, there were a few moments when i was really dizzy and had to step outside.

but that was the fun part!


this room needs art and new blinds (ordered!) and different chairs..

but i really do super love the table. 


ok then. 

happy black friday.