son of an ASSS!!!!!!!!!

 you guys,

 i had the AHS recap mostly written on thursday and then halloween and then i lost steam.

i was just putting the finishing touches on the post which essentially took me 4 days to write and when i went to publish..

it only published half of it and half is half-assed so i went to copy/paste it into a NEW post and then..

lost. all. of. it.


 i hate me. i hate ryan murphy and i hate ALL OF THE EVERYTHING.



so i am going to do this kind of recap...


1. this episode was awesome.


2. lots of things to discuss:

a.) who is the supreme?

i think it's misty.

she can bring shit back to life with aligator doo doo.

although i think that's a front.

she brought herself back to life from a fire.

so either she is a phoenix or the motherfucking supreme.


3. delphine turned into a 70's sitcom maid.

i like her.


4. the little gay dude from will and grace was my favorite.


5. frances conroy has some seriously fat lady fingers.  

those things look like dicks!


6. well seasoned tuna.


7. flich's tongue


8. madison the doll.


9. zombiepocalypse.



what else have i missed?


this episode ruled.


super campy.

moderately scary.



sorry for the late and lame recap.