i guess it's time to start thinking about thanksgiving

just don't tell me to start thinking about christmas.   

even though i know it's like 50 something days from now. 

and it is exactly 1 month until my birthday. 

DO NOT remind me of that

everywhere i look people seem to skip thanksgiving and move straight into christmas.. 

home depot is like the fucking north pole up in there. 

target too.   


i still have pumpkins on my porch you assholes! 

i curse you. and i curse you


that said, let's talk about the best holiday of them all.. 


yes, i have mentioned here that halloween is my favorite but let's face it... 

it's really just the gateway holiday to fat-town. 

all that candy gonna make you sick.

if i'm gonna get fat i want it in the form of

mashed potatoes swimming in butter.

collard gratin with a buttery bread crumb topping

glorious, crispy skinned turkey

and the holy grail of thanksgiving.. 


 tons of it. 

and that other holy grail.. 

P I E.  

i'm going to make this one.  

thanksgiving is at my house and it's a small crowd. 



let's talk about the table setting. 

i love this aspect. 

of course i do. 


but i don't love the fussy tables.  

i want it to be about the food. 

maybe a few candles and small flower groupings. 

i tend to get fussier at christmas...but only marginally. 

because that's an even smaller crowd. 


so today i am sharing my thanksgiving inspiration with you..


simple is my favorite for thanksgiving. 

this image is about the people and the food.  


this might be as fancy as i get.  

a plate on top of another plate means business. 

ina knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

i think i post this every year.  it's just so special.  

create a mood in other areas.

you can leave this as is throughout the holidays. 

this is so pure. 

while i do love the earthy and natural tones for the thanksgiving table i am not opposed to a little color.   

this is a good balance for me.  

it's happy. 

less moody. 


so there you have it. 

stay tuned throughout the following weeks for more on this subject..

including flowers, outdoor thanksgiving inspiration, and my picks for a moody, simple table.


moody and simple not your thing? 

this girl will set you on the right path.