the perfect life. or the perfect life?

it's a question because well, who the fuck even knows what that means. 

perfection is elusive. 

happiness comes and goes.

vacations don't last forever. 

full beards are gross.

the hobbit was a GOOD movie!!

kandi has a bigger booty than phaedra yet no one talks about it. 

these statements are all factual. 


also factual..

amanda brooks is living my idea of the perfect life. 

amanda brooks is an american lady who lives in the countryside of oxfordshire, with her artist husband.  

she's a writer and fashion-y personif you want to know.

her husband's ex is miranda and her house is amazing too. 

but it's in brooklyn and i don't want to live in brooklyn.

no offense to brooklyn. 

and until about 4 minutes ago (thank you jenna) i assumed miranda and amanda were sisters. 



amanda also has a dreamy instagram feed at all times..


from the looks of it they ride horses, take walks, tend to pigs and chickens, make jam and pick apples. 





get the look..