ruthie sommers

just now getting around to reading the dec/jan issue of lonny mag.

i usually flip through really fast and only linger on the images that stop me.

then i go back and read all about it. 

such was the case with ruthie sommers's seaside ranch in california.


my initial thoughts, this place is healthy with design ADD.

and i thought about how kind of perfect that all really is. 

the house seems big.

and there are different levels, and a barn. 

the barn is for guests and gatherings of the late night variety.


the thing i love most about this place is that it seems completely un-decorated and imperfect. 

it feels as if it was bought as is, and stuff just moved in.

i have no idea if that's the case but job well done anyway. 

the house seems congruous enough.

but then you get to the barn and there are several ideas happening at once..

and then....this golden, pastoral beauty just outside.

so magical.


i'm sure there are those of you out there who still prefer a more glamorous and polished looking space.

that's cool.  to each their own.

but not me. 

not ever.

i prefer design ADD.

granted...there are areas of this house where i probably would have gone in a different direction, namely the game room...

BUT that is precisely the point.

ruthie loves this room the most she says.  and that is all that matters. 

 i think we all could learn a lot from this style of "decorating".

which is to say...go with what you love, always, and it will work.

your home will feel authentic.


people get so caught up in it looking "right".

or the brain-farting behavior of.."but what if i hate it?!"

and god are decorating your space for someone else..

or rather what you think other people will like.


you've heard it before...

your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle.

it should be comfortable and entirely YOU.





i can't with this.

this isn't ok on any level. 

why is it all brown?'s all brown. 

i mean fuck it...why not just go all the way there and paint the walls brown?

it's tone on tone on tone on tone....brown.

fuck this person. 

this person is dead inside.