christmas awesome

hey friends!

it's christmas eve which, if you're like me, you are scrambling to do all the things.



last minute shopping.

(oops i forgot my nephew back to target i go shoot me in the face)

germ fighting.

pretend murdering assholes.

(yesterday some queen couldn't tell me to move out of his way fast enough. i moved in a daze and then watched him walk away. it was at this point that i pretend murdered him.)

wondering if you got enough stuff for your kid.

and then wondering if you got too much.

cleaning up cat puke.

praying that one of them doesn't puke on the presents.


it can all distract from the spirit of christmas. 


so i'd like for you to settle in, grab a whiskey or cup of tea and watch one of my favorite persons,

jamie oliver, cook up an easy christmas dinner.

i have seen this a million times and it always makes me happy and psyched for the day.

you could easily exchange any of the birds for a plain ol' chicken!

delicious and easy.

merry christmas and yule!