some rooms

nothing much to report today other than cheesecake and cookie fat.


here are some interesting rooms for you to consider via AD espana.


a symphony of mid century goodness. 

this room is calm and stern, but still a dad. 


cozy and inviting. 

a place to gather apres ski. 

for fondue and lighting farts on fire. 


fun and friendly.

a good place to set up all 40 billion of your lego friends.

we are seriously running out of floor space over here. 


same house, if not the same room.

i love a striped rug that's not black and white for a change.

i also love this chair collection.

because it IS a collection and one to be proud of. 


that's it kids.


when does your diet start?

i am throwing away a fucking phenomenal cheesecake today.

any takers?