bye bye 2013- the trends

i thought about this a lot.

what trends i was tired of looking at.

now there is a distinct difference in what i just don't care for in interior design and what i am just plain tired of looking at...

this post falls into the latter category.

and i was surprised by how few there were really. 

beni ourain?

nope.  still love.


 still love!

sheepskins on things?

still ok with. 


yep! but i prefer it in small doses.




here we go!


#1. antelope carpet:

it's a beautiful thing this antelope carpet...i agree. 

but damned if i am not SUPER sick of looking at it.



#2. malachite:

i would be way cool with a malachite box or something sitting in my living room, because who doesn't like vibrant, emerald green?!

but i'll be damned if i don't want to take a scissor to malachite walls and ceilings.

and don't get me started DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED on diy malachite.



3. chevron:

this truly should have been over and done with 3 years ago, but man, you bitches love you some chevron. 

there is nothing wrong with it per se but to me it has become synonymous with a certain type of decorating and a certain type of person.

i just think there are way better alternatives and it's just not original anymore. 


though i did come across this and i didn't hate it but i think it's because it's not the ubiquitous black and white and it's in a sneaky location:



#4. peter dunham's fig leaf


at one time this fabric was all i ever wanted all i ever needed.

but it's EVERYWHERE!

it's in every blogger's home. 

it's in every magazine in some form and i don't want my eyeballs to see it for a while.

although i am afraid i will lose this battle. 

honestly just an indication that i am over exposed in every way possible. 

bc it does go with a lot and it is pretty. 

but i'd like to think that a really great vintage chintz could give you the same thing.

sorry peter not sorry.


#5. the fiddle leaf fig:

dear god how can a person be sick of a plant?!

but i honestly feel like this is the miley cyrus of trends.

side note: this image is working another trend i'm ready to see go:
black and white striped rugs.

juju hats?

on the fence.


i'd love to hear what you are sick of.

i will say this..

for myself this year i have taken an 'embrace almost everything' stance on interiors..

but it's more of a rule breaking stance..

as in there are no rules in decorating anymore.

if you want to hang your dining room light from your collection of raccoon tails, fuck everyone else. 

if you want to paint your walls deep blue and have every piece of furniture match the walls then YOU SHOULD! 

if you want to pair mid century antiques with a giant shabby chic sofa circa 2001 then DO IT! (actually that sounds kind of awesome)

if you want to make your log cabin in vermont look like a beach house GO FOR IT!

if you want a surfboard in your living room and you live in springfield, illinois AMEN!

just don't sit in a room you don't like and wish for something you don't have.

go get it. 

just be YOU!

and be original. 


happy new year's eve!