client bathroom makeover ***updates**i do not advocate punching. unless someone REALLY deserves it. which is mostly never.

hey you guys.


have a good weekend?


i still felt like poop turds on saturday but woke sunday a new woman.


fiona sang the sirenix song to the winx club about 4,000 times.

 she watched the episode around 4 times and rewound the song around 4,000 times so that equals about 1,000 times per episode.

it also equals "pain medication" for mom and dad.


i watched none of the grammys bc i hate music so hard.

actually i love music but grammy music generally sucks.

plus if i could punch hug rhianna in the face i would.

not because she's not cute or talented...bc she is..both.

but she's such a fucking doormat she needs to have her head examined.

and punchedhugged. 


instead we watched breaking bad...we are well into season 2 and that show is legit.

bryan cranston is staggeringly good.




ok..on to the bathroom makeover...


i have a client who wants an update in her bathroom but can't rip anything major out.

this is super relatable, right?

she has vintage tile which is minty-aqua green.  and a lot of it.

i want to update it with wallpaper, new hardware and lighting and replace the fittings with black ceramic ones instead of the old, worn out chrome ones.

and then when she goes on to change the big stuff she'll still have some real pretty stuff to work with.



i want her to take out her existing medicince cabinet which is to the left of her mirror (which we won't be replacing at this time) with just glass shelves sitting in the recessed part of the medicine cabinet.

we'll take a plain white shower curtain and add some pretty trim.

we will change out the chrome fixtures with black ceramic ones which will make it all cohesive and like she is proud of her vintage tile bathroom that is bright aqua.

summer mums wallpaper from spoonflower.

(and yes, i am aware how awesome it is that the wallpaper and ceiling light are like sisters from another mother)




option 2 uses some vintage hot air balloons wallpaper from spoonflower and different hardware..





option 3 uses jungle spots wallpaper from furbish.

i call this not-yo-mama's-bathroom.

just kidding. i call it awesome is what i call it.



bc this is a client bathroom makeover, other than the wallpaper, i will refrain from handing out the sources..




for my next trick we will discuss downton.

but i have to write it first, D'OH!


p.s. if you want your own makeover please email me.





i swear to jesus i did NOT make the connection between me saying i wanted to punch rhianna is the face and her ACTUALLY being punched in the face. 

it was early when i wrote that and i meant it as a total joke not taking into account that the very thing i was punishing her for was for being stupid enough to stay with the guy who punched her in the face.


maybe she likes being punched in the face?

bc why else would you be with a guy who punches ladies in their faces?

unless u like it?

which beings me back to my point...

poor dear needs to have her head examined.

i would not punch her in the face. 

i might slap her though, just before i drove her to therapy.