february rant

i think we can all agree that february is probably the worst month of the year.

sorry if you were born in february. you might like it more than the rest of us.

it offers us just about nothing, except your birthday.

it's cold. and rainy. and rainsnowy.

sometimes it offers us a warm day and then BAM next day cold as fuck.

plus it's valentines month.

the. worst.

and pretty much everyone you meet is either coughing to death or throwing up and butt throwing up.

AND...what's up with the spelling? febRUary?

no one says FEB-ROO-ARY.

and if they do you should auto-correct them, with your fist.


way to go february...you double-dealing snake in the grass.


what's my point?

i hate febUary of course.

but also, i won't be able to produce a part 2 downton recap.


bc i have about 3 minutes before i have to relinquish my computer to fiona who is still home battling a raging fever.

 and i am stuck in this house with a crabby kid who yells at me when i don't get to her bed fast enough to cover her up.

i know...woe is me.

but i would just rather be outside having a picnic in the cool grass under a shady tree with some butterflies sucking on some nearby nectar, while i count the motherfucking beautiful white clouds in the sky.


this is why rich people go on vacation in february.

i get it.

and i am jealous.



i just generally feel like everything gets better when it's warmer outside.

 this is of course not based in any sort of reality.

but i said it anyway.


where would you go right now to escape the cold bullshit that is february?




i would go to hawaii.



but i would be happy to escape to a tanning bed.