i finished watching the oscars and have to give a shout out to adele's hair because it was magnificent.

i also have to give a shout out to renee zellweger...

thank you for coming out of retirement with gym hair and klonopin face.


and my jennifer lawrence girl crush is on..and hard.

if you haven't yet..please please please watch this..


speaking of things to watch..



have you all been watching the layover with anthony bourdain?


you should be.




you know how on pinterest you come across recipes that promise to be the best EVER?!?


well, i came across a recipe for gluten free chocolate chip cookies and pinned it to my ever growing list of gluten free foods promising to be the missing link in the ever long search for all things gluten free and delicious.

and to top it all off they didn't look very appetizing..


kind of like vomit muffins.

or cat food discs.


but guess what?


they are delicious.

and take about 5 minutes to make.

minus the 10 minute set time (SUPER important)

and the 11 minute bake time.


i have made these not once, not twice..but three times.


here is the recipe.

and here are my tips...

when you pour the melted butter into the flours you will be like, no way these are going to make cookies.

 the recipe says to allow the batter to rest in the fridge for 10 minutes.


it's the only way these cookies work.

the coconut flour needs a little time to absorb the liquid and puff up.

setting it in the fridge assures that the cookies won't spread out to quickly.

just follow the recipe to a T and you won't fail.





and finally...



witching hour on left.

black blue on right.



i am going with black blue.

it's magical in person.