pain(t) **updates from urgent care

let me just go ahead and tell you that i got kicked in the left kidney by a horse and that horse is called upward facing dog.

either that or i am in acute kidney failure.

yesterday, mid-day i started feeling said pain and some soreness from yesterday's yoga but it just kept getting worse.

i can't even take a deep breath ya'll.

what do i do?

heating pad does nothing. 

no position is comfortable and if i sneeze i think it would kill me.

advil helped minimally.

is this a chiro job?

a massage job?

help hurts.


here's a diagram to show you internet "doctors" what i am dealing with...




i have painting to do and this is putting a damper on that SUPERFUN job.


besides lower left side pain i am feeling the brain pain of having to make a decision about something hard. 


painting out the trim in my living room.


the fact of the matter is this..

i have the most awesome trim in my house.

but i think i need to paint it out in this room for the modern look i am going for.

in fact, i KNOW this is the right choice.

but i am no less terrified.



how stupid is it to be terrified of paint?


look how good it is painted out..










it helps to keep the space modern.

which is exactly what i want to do.

i think the reason i am so scare is there is soooo much of it in the room.


i need to grow a pair.


like this guy.. 



also i'm dying. 

help me. 


 ****ok, so i went to urgent care bc thanks to you i thought i might have a kidney infection.

my pee says there is no infection.

just a muscle spasm.

but it feels like dying.

so now it's just me, some high quality heroin muscle relaxers, 800 mg motrin, moist heat and some soup (and cookies).