i love this house

as i sat on the pooper the other day looking through past elle decors (totally normal i know)..

i revisited the september 2010 issue and i realized i really want this house..



while the idea of walls of windows is probably most people's windex nightmare it is my windex dreeeaaam.

plus in my next house i want all modern.

no molding and less things.

as it is now i have the opposite of that. 

which i am really ok with bc that is beautiful too.

but next time...

this is the house i want.




i would totally change some of the decor throughout, but mostly i'll take it as is.









while it is practical i am so not down with resin furniture.






mostly i am just dying for some mid century architecture.

this house does a good job and mixing traditional and mid century with a bit of asian in the decor making it warm and inviting and very friendly.




happy monday!