downton sort of.

hey all.

sorry but i don't have a full downton recap in me this week.

but i will say that i enjoyed this episode much the same way one enjoys watching a bad guy get his face smashed in with something like a flaming like, hit with the rocket and smashed but also set on fire bc it's a flaming rocket.....but remember he's a bad guy so you reaaaalllly enjoy this act of violence.

that's how much i enjoyed this episode.

so like if the bad guy stepped on a baby duckling...but then a rocket comes out of nowhere and kills him so hard.


but in this episode lord grantham=duckling murderer with all his blustery place putting fails.

FAIL FAIL FAIL...repeat.



it was awesome.


bates is free...wait..what?

i fell asleep during those scenes.


ethel cooked some food with mrs. patmore's help which sent carson into epileptic fits.


speaking of carson..he and lord grantham are pretty much the same person, no?

they both wear suits that cut off the circulation in their necks and therefore their brains and they both hate catholics and prostitutes.


cora steals the show this week.

her bedroom scene with lord grantham was heartbreaking.


what else?

mrs. patmore gave us the cliff notes for the downstairs storyline.

"the trouble with you lot is you're all in love with the wrong person".



the best scene of the night though was for sure mrs. crawley's luncheon.

the ladies in black shut lord grantham down.

poor bastard.


OH! and daisy will be the heiress to william's father's farm.

how great for her.

she'll be like a hipster organic farmer making cheese and shit.


and then of course granny getting dr. clarkson to lie to cora and robert about sybil's chances.

how did you feel about it?

i mean i got it...she felt they needed to grieve together and they couldn't do that if cora was going to blame robert forever.  totally true.  marriage over.  but it was still a lie.  no matter how unmusical a word.

it felt like a way to mask the truth to save robert yet again.





and totally off subject...

but this....THIS..


should be banned.

it is off the chain good.

i mean it needs to be thrown in the trash after 1 spoonful bc after that it's just going to be a problem.

and no one will be better off for having this in the house.

no one.



do not eat this stuff unless you want to know what heaven tastes like, which..who does? yuck.


room temperature please.

not that you will ever find out bc you are NOT going to buy this.