playing around in my cave

not that cave....pervs.


my living room cave.


here we have farrow and ball black blue paint..with some primary pops of color.

this one might be my favorite.  it's also the most expensive and totally unobtainable.

that rug alone is more than a car.

but i could probably find it in a MUCH cheaper and shittier fabric at rugsusa for a lot less.



here we have benjamin moore's tudor brown.  

i like this a lot and i'll bet in real life it'd be awesome.

not cheap, but certainly more doable.

the sectional could be found on craig for a few hundred and then for around 700 it could be upholstered in a brown velvet. who's got a lot of brown velvet they want to give me? 



and finally...


this is benjamin moore's witching hour....a crowd favorite.

here we are playing with pretty much everything i already own.

sofa- similar to my own.

rug- both, check.

side tables- check.

pillow on left- amber's shoppe.

need grasscloth covered coffee table....relatively easy diy.

need some brass lamps...easy to find on etsy or craig.

hot pink fabric shades...not as easy to find...but maybe easy to make?

joan mitchell painting- HA! in my dreams.  but i am a painter too. 


also, in reality there will never be a fancy overhead light.

it's a ceiling fan now and forever.



mood boards are my favorite.



in other news...

can someone please tell me if you can have the flu but no sniffles, or cough, or sore throat?

but you totally have the worst body aches, headache and joint aches (specifically elbows and knees) of your life?

but like that's it?

oh fatigued like a motherfucker?


don't make me google. 

that's a downward spiral into hell.