weekend = good


nice try, monday.


you thought you could bring me down but i am still flying high off of weekend fumes.


nothing extraordinarily special happened.

but nothing shitty did either.


for starters the weather was tremendous.

we went outside and opened doors and windows and shit.

we grilled.


and for enders no one was sick!


here is some proof in shitty imagery...


a new cabinet came to live with us and she is perfect..

that is a tv on top.

don't judge.




a commission is waiting on "more pink and orange".

i am not sure i want to add more pink and orange and might just leave it as is and paint something else for my client.



nature happened...


and cake happened..


vintage pudding cake.



some lonny happened..


and nearly killed me...


in the best way possible.



a little bit of painting happened..


a commission.


18 x24 paper



some decorating happened for a soon to be boy child..






having a hard time picking a favorite.



the only thing that sucked about the weekend was the time change.

why are we still doing this?

i felt a little bit like i was hurrying to do routine things like, take a shower.


but it does mean warmer days are not far off now papa smurf.