you can't hate me any more than i hate myself

don't even get in my face with how indecisive i am.

i am in my own face and shoving q-tips deep into my ear canal (girls. shudder).


let's see if you can guess what i am talking about...










have you figured it out yet?


white walls forever.


p.s. how awesome is the black trim in the 2 last images?


p.p.s that dog is not amused.


p.p.p.s choosing the right white might be the death of me.

i need it to be a vanilla meets marshmallow cloud, like picture #6.


i am aware of the rules of living room can take any color.  it gets amazing light.


and we need a new sofa bc ours is a mess.


and i am leaning toward a mattress covered in linen with tufting.


like so..





this idea is a good one bc it's practical (no guest room + oft snoring husband) and good looking.



help me.