things i am thinking's monday!

monday is trying to fuck with me..i've typed that sentence 3 times. 

at first it was like this..mondao;u igz tyis;o to fucjk

monday made me wake up at 5:50.

which is not quite 6:00 but not 5:30.

and what that means is that it's too early to consider getting out of bed and too late to actually go back to sleep.


so i just laid there and thought about some shit.



gosh, this weather is awesome.  so warm and springy.  maybe that's why i feel like there are wet blankets on my eyes and a bucket of mucus set up on a trigger to pour salty booger slime down my throat every 3 seconds.  it's like the nickelodeon slime show in there.



wow...that episode of girls last night was so fucking good i can't wait to watch it again.



adam driver longtime.



but also this..


mad men.


it has taken me 3 years (?) and 3 attempts to understand the allure of this show.

i mean, yes jon hamm..but it was just so crawling and listless i found my mind wandering constantly.

but i think..i, i get it.

it's the atmosphere.


the whole time i watch i this time in history my grandparents were in their prime.

so in a way, i feel like i am learning something about them.

weird though it may be.

that's what keeps me coming back at this point.


i am sure in the weeks to come you might have to come rouse me from a mad men k-hole.



and finally..


a few of you are not on board with my mattress/sofa idea.

and there were some valid points.


for one..i learned that indoor/outdoor fabric is great for resisting mold and mildew and stains.

but not so great for every day use.

in other pills.


and maybe that it might look like a giant maxi pad on my floor.

good point.

and sadly, one i can't seem to shake.



what if..

i attached some casters like these:






what if i also had the box spring skirted?


like so..



and now it looks like a fancy maxi mad.

with blood stains.





someone find me a new sofa.