put a shell on it, it's monday!

good morning my favorite people!


i ate a shit load of vegetables yesterday.

for lunch it was a salad of roasted beets, romaine, roasted broccoli and hard-boiled EGGS!

for dinner it was herb crusted roasted rack of lamb with sauteed baby carrots, radishes, asparagus and baby turnips.

i also made some gluten free oatmeal banana muffns.

if you decide to make them, add about 1/4 tsp of sea salt.

makes all the difference in the world.

also substitute maple syrup for the honey.  trust.


so between baking and cooking and feeling like a fucking bionic athelete of supreme power and fitness (all lies)..

i was pinning images of seashell encrusted things.



i'm gonna go out on a limb and say you either love this or you hate it.


i give you-


shells on shit.


 (p.s. i LOVE it)











there's a lady in florida (duh) who will make all of this stuff for you for about 40 million billion dollars..


you can view all of her work here


or you can go buy some shells and a glue gun.


which is what i am going to do.


because what i really want is one of these..








boom! seashell encrusted farrplace.




stand back...



seashell encursted bafroom.


that's insane.


i might just start small.

with a box.

or a frame.


or nothing bc encursting seems like an old lady's game.

and i am not an old lady, yet.

wait...am i?

i am 185 in dog/mom years. 

pass the glue gun, sluts.