sharing the good shit

if you're like me (and you are) you hate when a blogger is all...look at this cute sweater and these cool shoes i am wearing...only to click the link and find out they are 64 million dollars.

ok...maybe more like 250 for the sweater and 500 for the shoes.

or even 150 for the sweater and 250 for the shoes.

to some that is chump change (good for you) but for me that is food for the week (don't judge) and 1/4 of my private school bill. 


so when i came across the oxford trunk i was a little bit excited.

not only is it totally my style,  it is totally -and i mean totally- within budget.

re: cheap.


yes, i think it is important to buy quality pieces that will last you season after season.

but it's also critical that you have some cute things that you can destroy with every day wear and tear.


enter the oxford trunk and their well selected "trunk" of cuteness... 


all under $50.

the whole website is under $50.

suck it j crew.

and don't even get me started on quality here..

bc  j. crew's quality is shit with a capital 'plastic jewelry'.

also when's the last time you murdered an entire bottle of wine over that 50 dollars you spent on a t shirt that ended up with holes around the belly button after 1 washing?

yesterday?  me too.



here are a few of my favorites..



kimono sweater


i actually bought this.



slouchy leopard beanie



$9.50 sunnies


moroccan cityscape ring



i wanted this so bad but it was sold out.



industrial revolution necklace


cylinder necklace



pop of neon necklace



sideways cross set



there are a lot of really cute necklaces for layering.


and no, this is not a sponsored post.


i just stumbled upon them and thought i'd share.


go buy yourself something.


and then tell me what you bought.