this post is important so get with it, crazies.


let's just talk for a quick second about hormones.


don't go!!


hormones are shitty assholes.


and the older you get the worse they get.


i have found a magical little combo that works for me and i haven't shared it yet bc i wanted to give it a few months before i made any decisions on it's efficacy.



after a few months i can finally say..

it's pretty effective.


first let's talk about how i was feeling..


i was having severe mood swings for pretty much the entire month save a few days. read that right.

PMS was present for weeks not days.

and now, it's just a few days before my period.

as it should be.


sure i still daydream about murdering people..

but now it's only 2-3 days TOPS!



this is what has helped pretty much save lives..














i have been taking one dropper full of st. john's wort every day for around 4 months

and it's been awesome for me.


it's extraordinarily subtle and i don't notice it at all.

i just feel chill most of the time.

yes, MOST of the time.

i have my days but everything is decidedly more awesome in my mental world since taking it.

if anyone can attest to this it would be my husband.


the femmenessence has also made a big difference.


i have been taking it for about 1 1/2 months.

noticed a difference after about 2 weeks.



i know there is debate over the safety of macca root but i believe the question lies within the dosage.

with this stuff you take 2 a day.

and i have only taken 1 a day.

so start small and work your way up to 2.

or take 1 and after 10 days if you don't notice a change then take 2. 

i think i might start taking 2 closer to D-day. 


the 2 of these things have made a BIG difference. 


you can read all about femmenessence and the particular one i use here.

there is also femmenessence for peri-menopausal and post-menopausal.



have any of you tried this magic combo?