learning is important. you're welcome.


well folks,

thanks to all of you surfers and ex surfers and sisters of surfers i learned that 

 surfboards are way too disgusting to keep in your house because they are full of sand and wax and smell of the ocean, i.e. a dead hooker.


thanks for keeping me straight.



filled with a fire-hot thirst for knowledge (not really)..i went on a search for the paint color in charlotte moss's office featured in lonny...



because it is just so pretty and it is going to look just so perfect in my dining room.



no amount of googling was working. 

lonny wouldn't tell me either.

so i emailed charlotte moss no big deal.


i was pretty certain i wouldn't hear back..

but i was wrong.


a friendly fellow named matthew emailed me back with the answer.

it is..

benjamin moore salisbury green #hc-139.


so now we all know.

what are your thoughts on the color?

i think it's mysteriously green.

not too aqua not too blue not too green.


samples will happen. 

stay tuned.


also happening..





it's going in the dining room and it will solve so many storage issues for me.

i am anxious to see the finish in person. 

the listing says it's black lacquer. 


don't look like no black lacquer.


i think it will look pretty cute with those minty green walls.



and in painting news...

i finished up some commissions yesterday and painted some more papers for you..


a big canvas commission.. 36 x 48..

morning run



for sale in the shop..




cloud cover



under the bridge




you can find the paintings here.



thanks everyone!