outings, eggs, gardening and puddin.

who had great easter?

i did that's who.


what makes a great easter in my house?

well, not much really.

mostly i'm just happy if the three of us manage to not kill each other.


on saturday we went to my favorite place on earth (i have not been to a lot of places), serenbe.

if you are not familiiar with serenbe, it's a way sustainable farm south of the city and they do a lot of organic hippie shit and have sponsored foodie events with top chefs and lots of booze and stuff costs a lot of money but it's real, real pretty.


every year they have an easter egg hunt and this is the first year we went.

it was so super great.

mostly bc the weather was unbeatable and the surroundings are super farm-y beautiful.




this girl attempted face painting on the most beautiful creature on earth.

with janked-up nails.



pony rides in a meadow.



the restaurant's delightful herb garden sans herbs.

it's been a cold spring so far.



such happiness.




this spot.

oh this spot.

i had a bit of an out of body experience here.

mike was off gathering mimosas and beer and fiona was jumping on the trampoline and i just sat there.

like a lizard emerging from beneath a rock for the first time since summer.

it smelled so good, it felt so good, i never wanted to move.

warm and content.

and then my skin started to bubble beneath the pure, white hot sun.

but for a moment or 2 i felt like i could have died right there with a smile on my face, regretting nothing.




we came home and colored easter eggs..



these are not our eggs.

these are martha stewart's eggs.

ours looked just like yours, mottled and insipid. 

but emily paben told me that i should use brown eggs to achieve these colors.

i could stare at those eggs all day. 

i am particularly drawn to the far left black-green eggs.  those eggs are bad ass. 



on sunday we woke to clouds but mild temps so i got out and tilled my garden..



filled with such promise.





we had easter dinner at my mom's.


my MIL made some STOOOPID banana pudding..



i ate too much.




this week is spring break.


pray for me.