a few paintings and a word about my obsession...

 the obsession is mad men.

i am almost done with season 3 and it's all i can do to not put in another dvd and watch the next episode.

and then the next and the next and the next.

what is it about this show?

each character is so flawed and tragic in some way.

and so you care deeply about the outcome of their story.

when i try to think about who my favorite character is...i can't!

sometimes i think it's a 3-way tie between joan, peggy and don.

but i have a place in my heart for almost all of them.

pete campbell can suck a dick but other than that....i just love them all!

sometimes i hate don and sometimes i just want to hug him and other times i want..well...his ding dong. 


so..it may come as no surprise that my current obsession is affecting my work..


here are 4 new paintings available in my shop inspired by mad men.




seven minutes in heaven




after party




don draper is a complicated man




early compass



i will have more available tomorrow..


thanks for shopping!

and as always if you want to commission something just gimme a shout