a really really really ridiculously goodlooking cuff giveaway


today i tell you about awesome jewelry.


i am so not a jewelry person.

like, at all.

i have some...but i never wear it.

most of my jewelry comes from target anyway.


 i did wear a necklace from the gap every day for 7 years until it broke.

that fucker was a tiny silver heart on a string. A STRING!!!!

cost me $1.99.

 i never took it off. ever. 

it lasted through showers and sleep and shit.

then it finally gave way.

the string broke and that was that.


isn't that a sad story?


so i am on the hunt for a replacement necklace and i hear about this line of boho jewelry called 

color me boho 

which may as well be a straight up rip-off of color me badd and that is some world class play on words at work. 

everyone knows color me badd is the bestworst band of all time, right behind milli vanilli.



anyway...no necklaces i can shower in and sleep in but 

i still pretty much love every single thing that CMB has to offer.

such as..



friendship bracelet with spikes



monooi large friendship bracelet neon yellow/pink 




hand beaded friendship bracelet in spring colors  




beaded friendship wrap bracelet in fun colors



leopard hide leather cuff with stone



pink suede cuff with stones 


it just gets rediculous-er and rediculous-er.

so much good stuff people.

 it was making my brain hurt to choose things to show you.

i had to stop.



i almost never ever approach people to do a giveaway on my blog.

mostly bc i hate everything people show me.

but this time i reached out to alison at color me boho and was all...look, pretty jewelry maker...i need the people to know about your stuff bc i love my people and your stuff is delicious.


and a giveaway was born.


so now all you have to do is visit color me boho and then come back here to tell me which piece you'd most love to own and this gorgeous black and cream hair on hide cuff with stones can be yours..


"a beautiful piece of turquoise colored magnesite which is gilded in silver and a point of silver heat-treated crystal quartz.

the cuff measures 2.5" wide and 7" between strong magnetic clasps. back clasp features a vintage style brass concho"



you lucky sons of bitches.


i'll have you know i get nothing.


that's how much i love you.

i chose to give that gorgeous thing away rather than keep it for my usually greedy self.



i will pick a winner at random on monday.



you're welcome.