some things and a winner



this weekend i worked like a motherfucking sharecropper in the yard.

my shoulders are looking like jillian michaels these days bc of all the raking and digging i've been doing.

i will have updates for you on that later this week as well as paint updates and new tables and new lamps and good things like that.  


but first a look at some things i saw this weekend that i looked at more than once.



this kitchen..

i wanna visit it from time to time and eat some warm cookies at that table.

side note- did you know that west elm now sells smegs



this living room scene..

 it's simple.  probably too simple. (as in WTF paintbrushflute?)

but i appreciate the whiteness and then BAM with the pinkness.



prepare thyself...

pink tiger velvet couch.



this artist's "shack"... 

 the artist is david bromley.


you probably would recognize his work best from anna spiro's home...


(boobie painting and i hate those green pillows)


seriously yourself a favor and go look at the rest of this "shack" on the beach in byron bay AU.

it's indoor/outdoor living vibe is extremely cool and it's for sale.





and finally the winner of the color me boho cuff... 


is catherine ahern!

congrats catherine.

enjoy your sexy new hair on hide cuff..



thanks for entering everyone!