frida and me


here we are in our wednesday best at the high...





a few words about the frida and diego exhibit...


look, frida kahlo is no salma hayak no matter how many fake eyebrow hairs and mustache pubes a make-up artist throws her way..

that said...

she could have done a LOT better than the human pug dog that was diego rivera.


the exhibit was decidedly more diego and less frida.

or at least it felt that way to me.

many of her larger works were missing and instead it focused on her smaller works (still amazing) and a lot of photography taken by other people of the two of them.


the exhibit seemed to focus on their relationship and their transition from early works to later works.

which i guess is kind of museum standard?

some kind of storyline?

i didn't think it was necessary, but then again i am not the person in the headphones standing in front of the painting for 10 minutes.

if it doesn't speak to me in 2 minutes i'm outta there.



that said..

it was interesting to see how diego's style transformed through the years from realism to cubism to his money making murals that were incredibly detailed and political.


frida on the other hand stayed true to her style mostly, transitioning slightly from a more classical approach of portrait art to her famous pained and macabre self portraits.


here were a few of my favorites..


by frida..portrait of alicia galant. oil on canvas 1927


this one had me pretty captivated for a while.

it's definitely the colors and the art deco-ish backdrop.

the colors aren't as acurate in this one as they are in the following images...




it should be noted that frida was entirely self taught.








these photographs by nickolas muray were a favorite of both mike and me...




the colors are so fantastic.



check it out if you're in atlanta.



i give it two hairy thumbs up.



speaking of art..

i have added a few more pieces to the shop.




24 x 30 acrylic, gouache, oil pastel and chalk on canvas.