don't judge me. but send help.

poop on my face i am changing my mind again about my living room walls.

writing this hurts me more than it hurts you.


you might think it's the idea of me having to paint out all my trim that's the reason behind paintgate 2013.




i mean, that part truly sucks but honestly i have to paint it anyway bc it's chipped and dingy.


there are a few reasons behind paintscandal 2013 but the main reason is..

 i think white is the wrong choice for the room.

it's kind of like coochie cutters.

in theory coochie cutters are cute but when you put them on and understand why they are called coochie cutters, you should proceed with getting them off of your body immediately. 


i think white would be great in a larger room but this room is honestly the size of a large closet.

i want to like white and i DO like white rooms, probably best of all.

but this room is not telling me it wants to be white.


it's telling me it wants to be black.


black blue to be exact.


and that's the end of it.