man chairs

why are they so ugly and so necessary?


i admit the chair that mike sits in now is probably a negative zero on the comfort scale.

in fact it's so bad he piles it high with a giant floor pillow plus small pillows and several layers of blankets to essentially turn it into a chaise lounge.


he obviously needs something comfy and worthy of his manly manness.


unfortunately the shit that's out there is dreadful.


i mean recliners are not only supremely hideous they are really really expensive.


bc of all the ingenious lever/pop up foot stool action?


he needs a chair that he can basically lay in while we watch mad men and game of thrones.


i have been searching for chairs that are cute, ridiculously comfortable and affordable for probably 2 years.


why is that such a tall order?

why can't someone make a chair that appeals to the man's need for snore inducing comfort and stealth-like ding dong stroking all the while appealing to the woman's need for clean lines and handsome fabric?


here are a few chairs i found that run from $ to $$$...


the bliss down filled chair and a half from west elm is moderately pricey at $649- $949 depending on fabric.

i've actually sat in this chair and can attest to it's comfort.

it's wide so it's fairly loungey. 

as in you could sit sideways too.

but you'd need an ottoman for full lounging.

which jacks the price up substantially.

an additional $500 to $650.

bringing your grand total somewhere between $1000 and $2000.




also from west elm, the sedgewick leather recliner.

it's probably the most handsome recliner i've seen but it doesn't actually look that comfortable. 

too narrow maybe?

it's also around $1300.




here we have the travis leather lounger from abchome.

this guy is on sale for $1599.

which is great considering that narrow recliner from west elm is almost as much and this one seems much more comfy and man friendly.



also from abchome the mysticism chaise.

awesome base and cool overdyed jaquard fabric.

this one is the most expensive at $2495.

it's a lot of chair but with sleek and barely there lines.





i'm not really sure why i like this but i do.

i think the color for one is amazing.

but it seems both comfy as all get out and it wouldn't take up too much space.

it might be too close to the floor though which would make tv viewing difficult.

but it's almost $2000 so it's out of the question.





ikea to the rescue.


the kivik chaise is priced out at $339.


and it's not ugly.

and it looks comfy.


they even suggest that you lay on it and eat popcorn.

though i'll bet they'd sell more if they had a picture of my husband with his hands down his pants and a giant smile on his face.



what are your thoughts?


have you sat in the ikea kivik?


do you know of any secret chair sources that you should be sharing with me?