cross your fingers internet, i'm about to do something very dangerous.

as a blonde i am highly irresponsible.


i go months and months without root maintenance.

this is partly my fault and partly my colorist's fault.

my fault bc usually when i make an appointment it's on the day of my existing appointment when my intentions are good but then 6 weeks later my appointment rolls around and i have $75 in the bank, total.

but then when some money rolls in and i go to make an appointment my girl is on vacation (like a lot) or i am victim to her ridiculous schedule (saturdays- always booked or tuesdays after noon- terrible time for me).


so i decided i needed someone new.

and instead of asking you (my usual protocol) i asked google.

and now i am going to a totally unknown to me colorist who has good reviews but i always wonder if those reviews aren't written by the reviewee or at the very least the reviewee's grandma and cousins.....which means at 9:30 this morning i'm off to a weird part of town for a salon with one person working inside of it.


i know!! 

livin' life on the edge!  


i'll update you with instagram and a post tomorrow.


in the mean time enjoy these images from one of my favorite interiors magazines,

AD espana..


neutral perfection.



delightful color combination.



 so luxurious.

it would be so hard leaving this room.



i am into the coral + rose combo so much right now.

it's a punch but a soft punch.



ok then.

wish me luck.