you guys..


very few things in life get me wound up more than shit like this.




let's talk about it for a minute..


first of all it's a cat on a roomba.

fun fact: apparently cats all over the world ride roombas.

not so fun fact: apparently lots of people actually own roombas.

no seriously, google "cat on a roomba".

more than 1 will pop up in your youtube search.


second of all it's a cat on a roomba in a shark suit.

because cats LOVE costumes.


third of all it's a cat on a roomba in a shark suit ENJOYING THE SHIT OUT OF HIMSELF!!


fourth of all...and perhaps the one bit that takes this from very amusing into david lynch movie..

there is a duck just walking along like the eccentric motherfucker he is.

no real place to be.



speaking of hair...


i'll bet a lot of you are wondering what my hair looks like.

sorry for leaving you hanging on that..

i got super busy yesterday and then my internet was out for a bit so..

all apologies.



both girls did a great job (cut and color)..



good blonde butteriness.

good nicole richie-style layers.


i will go back.



come back tomorrow for some selling of the paintings.


lot's of 18 x 24 papers.




cat on a roomba ya'll.