color is my muse

that might be the douchiest thing i've ever said (there are so many moments to choose from)..

but if we are speaking in truths, and we always are around is absolutely the truth and how i approach painting.


i am not a schooled artist so i go with my gut at all times.

sometimes my gut is very wrong and colorblind, but most of the time it's on point.


so as i lay in my bed this morning asking myself what in the ding dong i was going to blog to you all about today i thought all about the colors in my head these days and where they come from.


and a little of how i build on them, what paints i use and how i apply them.



lately i have been obsessed with sennelier soft pastel chalk.



 the colors are so highly pigmented and i dream about layering them over paint.


for the paint i use mostly acrylic but some oil and a lot of oil pastels..



i use several brands of acrylic and gouache paint.

gouache paint is really really pretty and runny and expensive.

acrylic comes at many price points.

and i use all of them.


all in all paint is expensive.


i tend to use brushes very little these days and instead i apply the paint with an artist's palette knife and i use a shit load of paper towels to spread the paint around and even as a "brush" sometimes.

i will dab the paper towel in the color and smear it on the canvas or paper.

it's not very conventional but there is a connection for me between hand + paper towel + surface that a brush prohibits. 

i.e. i seem to have more control.


 there are certain types of paintings i do that are all brush. 

like this:


the princess and the witch- SOLD


but for my paper pieces i use a brush very little. 



color inspiration comes from this magical place called...pinterest.


here's a sampling of some recent paintings and some images that may have inspired them..




somewhere in iowa - SOLD












saffron road - SOLD



all in all color has a LOT to do with it.


i liked doing this post.

did you like it?

i think i'll do more of these.

what do you think?

poop pee.