noteworthy things..


 i can't stop thinking about this sofa from environment..

only not so much the army green (hello giant booger)


instead the black army-


it also comes in denim..


i am on the fence about the denim.


it's like tom selleck is sitting in your den with a frisbee and an idea.


truthfully i think both the denim and army could work in the right environment.

but not mine.


it's all pointless bc i am certain this sofa is well out of my price range.

but there is an environment store here in atlanta and i aim to go sit on it. maybe i'll drop a deuce on it and offer to just take it off their hands.



also have you seen domaine?



i think it's new.

is it?


lots of eye candy and good writing.


check out the snakeskin lamp tutorial and then go slap your mom.



and finally..


who's seen it?



well i have.


 it's not easy to watch.

more not easy to watch if you have children i suspect.

at least for me.

i had to stop it after the first 20 minutes.

i grabbed the remote quicker than i have anything in my life to shut it down and then threw it across the room.

however, 10 minutes later i went right back in like a rubber necker and watched the whole thing.

it's totally compelling and if you can get past the inital shock and horror of it it's well worth watching.

naomi watts was staggeringly good.

she says so very little and yet conveys everything.


the tsunami of 2004 happend 6 days before fiona was born.

and i think to protect myself in some way i ignored (as best i could) the reality of it all.

so in a way for me i was kind of seeing and understanding it all for the first time.


i recommend.



ok then.