speaking of painting...

many of you probably know holly from things that inspire blog.

she was one of the first blogs i read over 100 years ago when we both started blogging.

she lives here in atlanta and blogs about pretty homes.

she also blogs about her own home which she built from scratch with the help a pretty awesome designer and architect.

she also is a smart blogger.

i.e. her words sound like smart people words.

i.i.e.e. her blog is informative.

i.i.i.e.e.e. her blog is the opposite of mine.

(seriously, i do learn stuff when i read her blog.  architecty and designery stuff, not the best way to cure the farts like this blog)


well, she contacted me a few weeks ago about a painting she had seen in one of jamie meares' clients homes..

this one:


she was all..

you paint?

i was all..


she was all..

i love this one!

i was all..

thanks dude.

she was all..

i wanna do a post on you.

i was all..

fuck yeah!

she was all..

answer these questions bitch!

i was all..

fuck to the yes i will!

(jk, holly doesn't talk like that. she's a lady)


so if you want to throw up in your mouth a little while you read all about my PROcess..

then go here.



many thanks to holly.



i hate don't hate talking about myself.