brought to you by sandwich. and rosé.

it's hot and summery and that means it's time to open up some fucking rosé.

i would marry rosé.

it's so delicious.

it's also pink which helps it to be more delicious.  and beautiful.

and it's cold which helps me to drink more of it at breakneck speeds.

i don't know very much about it other than it's delicious.

and that maybe the best versions of it come from the south of france.

i think i heard someone once talk about bandol.

that's a region probably.

fuck it! i don't care.

because it's soooo delicious.

if someone told me it came from butts rather than grapes i would still drink it that's how delicious it is.



do you know what goes good with rosé?





do you have a crock pot?

well you better go get one bc a crock pot is fucking magical.

making bbq in a crock pot is great for lazy busy moms who like to eat delicious food.


my friend anna made some pork bbq in her crock pot and told me to do it too.

so i did bc that's what friends do. friends who like to eat.

and now i am telling you to do it.

 it takes about 20 minutes to pull together unless you are missing fingers or a hand.

i began the prep at 7:00 am while i was toasting fiona's waffles and had that shit wrapped up by 7:24 am.

dinner done.

now it's just a waiting game.

plenty of time for more rosé.  


go here for the recipe.


a couple of notes from my kitchen-

1. i didn't use boneless.

i used a bone-in boston butt/shoulder.

2. i didn't dump the other half of the vinegar sauce in bc my pork was super saucy and didn't need more liquid.

3. i got bbq sauce from our local bbq joint.

if you love it i suggest you do the same.

 4. i made some alabama white sauce to go with.

if you've never had alabama white sauce on top of your bbq you are missing some seriously delicious shit.


i use this recipe for the AWS.


a note from my kitchen-

i did not use horseradish bc i didn't have it.

it doesn't need it but would be an interesting kick.



 and finally..

that "bun" you see there is an amy's gluten freen sandwich round.

and the best GF "bun" i have found.

they are also exquisite toasted with salted butter and nutella.

you MUST toast them within an inch of their life for a wet sauce (that's what she said) otherwise they crumble (that's what he said).


all i need now is some jersey housewives.

and bigger pants. :(