bathroom inspiration


i am painting my bathroom slowly.

i decided against showing you any sneak peeks bc it's a bathroom.

what am i going to show you?

a piece of the baseboard with the toilet sitting beside it?

ok if you follow me on instagram you actually saw that.


i'll tell you this..

it's dark but not black and it's everywhere.

i painted everything but the crown molding and the ceiling.

i thought i'd go ahead and do the bathroom before the living room bc i needed to pop my paint-the-molding-the-same-color-as-the-wall cherry in a smaller space first.

i will also tell you that if you are painting yourself go ahead and splurge on the farrow and ball.

you know you want to.

it is a dream to work with.

better than benjamin moore.

waaaay better.

use an inexpensive paint as an undercoat in the same color if you have to cover up a dark color.

or if you have a large room to cover.

bathrooms are tiny and i was going dark over light so i didn't really need an undercoat.  i only needed one gallon of the farrow and ball. 

but in my living room i will need 2 gallons of paint so i bought a cheap undercoat in a dark gray and then the farrow and ball black blue on top, just one gallon.



i can't wait to show you.

it's pretty awesome.

but it will need styling and i still don't have a mirror bc i can't figure out what i want and i have about as much as a gallon of farrow and ball paint to spend on one.


in the meantime, here are some awesome bathrooms to get your bathroom juices flowing (gross)...


















via pinterest.


the reveal is scheduled for this week.