there is no real money shot in a bathroom, is there?



this bathroom is not done. (or styled for that matter)

but it's closer than it has ever been.

if you're new here go ahead and swallow the urge to tell me that i need to replace the baby elephant casket of a sink with something smaller and prettier.   

we are renters.  and i am probably going to renters jail just for painting out all the trim. 

also the vent hasn't been screwed back in.

and i think i need to exchange the black frames for white frames.


anyway..styling and shit comes later..



 what i need desperately is a new mirror..



the old one is all wrong aesthetically..



and yes, i am more than aware that TECHNICALLY the light fixture is maybe too small for the sink.

i don't care.

i think it can work so long as i fill up that wall with art.

like so..


and so..



but probably more like so..





 i can't really have a rectangular mirror bc it will just emphasize the smallness of the light .  so i am wanting round.

or square.

but probably round.

in my head i see something 70's/80's and lacquery.

like this..



or even this..



i just think i need something with a pop. 

be it white or red or orange or neon yellow.

all that brown is begging for something fun to keep it from being too depressing and glum.



serena and lily has a great mirror that i've been eyeballing for some time..


it looks so good against a dark wall..


but it's totally out of my budget.


 i am also not opposed to a plain and simple contemporary mirror like this one from cb2 that is NO LONGER AVAILABLE AND WAS TOTALLY WITHIN MY BUDGET!




so good that bench.

i just think with a plain round mirror you need to go BIG or GO HOME. 

and that's hard to find. 


here are some recent craigslist offerings that i don't hate...


the size is bigger than it seems. 30" all around.

which is the exact size i need.  31" diameter, tops.

not in love with a quatrefoil but i could paint it a bright color and gloss it up just right.

plus it's 60 bucks, so i could get it and wait until something better comes along.



this is cute as is but it's brown and i can't have brown on brown on brown (poop).

not sure painting it would be a good idea.  but maybe it's a great idea?

(this is where you come in)


same with this one..


the shape is interesting.

but it would match the blinds and that's not cool to me.

but it's 25 bucks.

would it be as cute painted poppy red?

i am undecided.



help me friends.