a pretty good week

i have been holding this news between clenched buttcheeks for weeks!!


newell turner (E.I.C. of house beautiful magazine) contacted me (!!!!!) a few weeks ago and told me he'd like to feature some of my art on his editor's letter call out section. 

in my head i was like what's a call out section?

but with my mouth i was like..YES! PLEASE! THANK YOU!



here it is..






i mean, thank you!!!!! right? dying? we're all dying a little right?


and as if that weren't enough..


i ALSO got cast in a movie this week.

the movie is called let's be cops and i play an annoying woman on the phone in the movie theater who gets escorted out by the 2 main characters. (jake johnson and damon wayans jr.)

it's all improvised so i get to play which is beyond awesome to me.

i thought i'd make her the asshole lady with 5 kids who escapes to the movies and just talks on the phone to her friend the whole time.  essentially just be myself minus 4 of those kids. 



so...i'm pretty much killing it this week.

but i am already choking on my own famevomit.

in my eyes i am always one bong toss away from amanda bynes level failure.

so don't hate too hard.

or be jealous or any of that nonsense.

bc at the end of the day i am still pulling fleas off my cats (and daughter).




fame scented farts,