this is pretty cool maybe




have you heard?


it's from the folks at OKL.

it's like craigslist a little bit only with a OKL format.


you can buy or sell.


here's what they say: 






sounds pretty cool, right?

although that percentage is kinda high..and there's the issue of shipping it yourself if you go the DIY route.









hmm..and then you re-list?




is that geometric art thing for sale?

cuz it's cool.


that's cool too.

but bitches better answer.





unless you go the DIY route?

this is giving me diarrhea hunter's alley.








yeah yeah..

but why do my eyes keep throwing shade involuntarily to the right?

isn't this EXACTLY like one king's lane? aren't people going to charge exorbitant amounts just to cover that damn percentage fee?


am i being too conspiratory?

is this a good thing?

is conspiratory a word?


i guess if you've got goods to sell and they are going to be wasted on the craigslist yokels (me) who want to pay $75 tops for that antique chinese cabinet then hunter's alley is your place.




go here for singing up.



and if you missed out on any paintings lately i will be selling some more over the weekend.

i can't believe it's friday.

this week flew by.