updates from FAME(whore)VILLE!!!!



that there is a trailer (size=shoebox) and that is my name (IN TAPE) on the door.


 i feel like i should have some kind of juicy story for you.

but i don't.


the shoot was great.

 i was in and out in a few hours which was great. like really really great.

both damon wayans jr and jake johnson were perfectly pleasant.

but not overly friendly.

though i am not sure what i was expecting...them to hug me and say hey!! welcome to the set!!  let's sit down and talk and stuff between takes?

umm..well..maybe but that's my own fantasy filled brain at work.

they were both nice. and very very funny.


i somehow don't feel right about talking about them here.

it feels like a betrayal or something. a betrayal of actors? dunno. just not right.

and anyway we were working, and we were all sleepy as fuck at 6:30 AM.




me in my shoebox trailer pre-everything.

but post coffee, thank god.











here was my perch.

and yes, those cameras are on me.


it was exactly what i needed.

and i am thankful.



have a fantastic weekend!!