pictures of stuff

 around here...


fiona hates us.



the side yard got mowed and de-weeded.

this may not look like much to you but to me it is 1/3 of the way towards not being sanford and sons.


crepe myrtle got pruned.


seriously this would all be much more interesting if i was smart enough to remember things like before shots.


my hostas are doing awesome.



i planted succulents around a tree stump.


you know what succulents like?

tree stumps.






while it rained fiona built the "cat bay hotel".

the area under the laundry baskets was the yoga room.




when it's rainy our room is awesome.

dark and moody and super cocooning.

(the blinds are on their way out making way for romans...and a short and tightly tufted headboard will be joining them soon)



skirt- anthropologie

quilt- dream quilt (color no longer available)

sheets- coyuchi organic jersey (amazing)

shams- 'fiona' from biscuit 



today is our 13 year wedding anniversary.

i am celebrating by getting shanked in the vagina.

happy anniversary AND pap smear day!