kips bay 2013 thoughts

let's get one thing straight here..

showhouses, in general, are meant to push the decorating envelope. kind of like haute couture.

but let's get another thing straight..

there is pretty haute couture and downright heinous haute couture.

and if you're gonna go there...then go there

but go there pretty, interesting and comfortable.

don't "go there" crazy don draper fever induced murder dream.

this is a house after all.

don't make me rip shit out after i spend millions of dollars on it.


sara story (a great designer! btw) gave us this "cubism inspired" room.

and with the exception of those sofas i think it's pretty and interesting.

and i wouldn't have to rip shit out. 

seriously with those sofas? 

i know it's part of the cubism thing but, no.

they are just puffy sewer grates.

see ya later change and crumbs. 


sara also gave everyone this bathroom (sorry everyone)..

my eyes!!!!



this bedroom is kathryn ireland's entry.

i love her so hard.

and i don't hate this room. 

it is quintessentially her.

also it's liveable.



(that said, i'll bet it's prettier in person)



and speaking of meh...

this is the opposite of interesting.



woaaah!  settle down turquoise.

i like it and hate it all at once.


those sconces!

the cabinet.

the laquery spitshine.


the rug.

think an antique kilim or oushak would have been better...something worn and earthy.


i hate bathroom "accessories".

the toilet.

is it brown?



more lacquer.

i like this room fine.

i do not understand the white pieces of "art" on the wall.

maybe i'm just confused. is this a weird angle?

the light fixture makes me cock my head and scratch my chin.

but i don't hate it.

this room is certainly a mix.

i think what i like is the mix of warm woods and lacquered green.

good combo.



who let hgtv in?



another angle i don't understand.

that sofa is awesome.

i like this room i think.

i do not like the roy orbison letters on the wall.

you'd have to really love roy orbison or BE roy orbison for this to work.

this room was decorated by james huniford who is awesome and not roy orbison.

also the floor is made of recycled leather in a croc print.



this room by jack levy might be my favorite.

it's over the top but still livable.

also that fornasetti wallpaper is everything.

this room came in around $300,000.


what are your thoughts?

more rooms here.


anyone actually go to the showhouse?



photos- trevor tondro