all apologies to my pinterest homies


if you follow me on pinterest and were at all on pinterest yesterday from about 3:00 in the afternoon until about 7:00 pm i will have pillaged your pinterest feed with miniature rugs and chairs.


remember that dollhouse fiona got for birthday?


well it was pretty old and nasty on the inside so it had to be gutted (ripped that shit out with my bare hands dothraki style. can you say 'FUN'?).

but as far as re-designing it, well that had to wait bc it required a certain kind of OCD planning that only i can provide. 

and i was just too busy to do it back in the winter.

so i told her it would have to wait til summer vacation when we could work on it together.

i still don't have time, but a promise is a promise.


so yesterday at the art store we picked up some decorative paper for wallpaper..


i'm quite certain you could figure out which ones i picked and which one fiona picked.


we then came home and assessed our needs...



at which point we hit the internet for some tiny furniture inspiration.

and oh is it out there.


in fact, i couldn't stop.

for the better part of 4 hours.

and now i get why people become obsessed with this sort of thing and build dollhouse after dollhouse.

i never had a dollhouse as a kid but i am certain i would have died of happiness if i could do then what i am about to do now.


"but this is fiona's dollhouse", you say.

hahaha..i laugh at you.


just look at some of the gems i pinned..


tiny sectional for a cozy tv cave we are working on to go with that b + w tree wallpaper up there.


herringbone floors what?


20's style sink.



you're thinking what i'm thinking aren't you?

does this come in my size?



tiny fornasetti plates y'all.



a wee aga.






double dur.





there is much much more to see on my pinterest board.

plus all the sources.

don't buy up all the good shit.


needless to say i am super excited about all of this.


and if any of you have some super sneaky dollhouse furniture sources please share!


i'm looking for a brown tufted leather chesterfield.





IT'S A TINY AGA YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!