joy & revelry white box challenge

when reichel broussard of the mega-awesome blog copycat chic asked me to take part in joy & revelry's white box challenge-

i was like..are you sure you know who this is?

and then i was all...who is joy and who is revelry?  and why would anyone name their kid revelry unless they were beyonce?

and then i was like..OH!! is it a blogger and her dog, revelry?

and then she regretted ever having emailed me.

so i have since been schooled all about joy and revelry.

and it is actually really really cool and not at all beyonce's second coming of jesus baby.


in a nutshell...

a bunch of super talented tastemakers (some of them you probably know) pick out the good shit so you don't have to go to the trouble of wondering if it's lame or not.

it's like having personal shoppers.

 go here for the curated collection.



ok back to the white box challenge.

reichel sent a bunch of lady bloggers this lamp (part of that curated collection i just mentioned) and said style it up realy pretty and get to keep it!


westwood lamp 

very cute and a GREAT size.

not too big, not too small.

PERFECT for the little secretary next to my front door. 


here's reichel's own lamp styling:


very nice reichel...i see your black, white, brass and texture...


and i will raise you..

pink desk insides, sea ephemera, a hackey sack (!!!), some GD national geographics and a motherfucking evil eye!!!




2 candles mean business.



 the white monkey aka 'the swami" works hard to scare the shit out of everyone.



cute, right?


check out reichel's post to see all the ladies taking part. 



oh! and as a bonus for YOU..

joy and revelry is offering 10% off.

just use the code-