don't die on the plane. and other good advice..


things like germs on planes are no joke.

so is dry skin.

also dehydration and anxiety are legit problems.

and i will stab a snorer (side-eye ----> mike).

lucky for him i can't bring a knife on the plane.


here are my tried and true germ fighting and skin saving wonder products...



1. plant therapy's germ fighter.  

it's like thieves oil only not.  but it does have the same things in clove and cinnamon for the ultimate germ fighting karate chop in the nuts.

rub it all over your head area.

or put it in a tiny spray bottle and constantly spray your area.

i will be. 


2. flight spray.

this will lube up your nostrils so germs can't stick to the inside of your nose.

planes are gross air recirculation assholes and i don't want plane aids.


3. ole henriksen sheer transformation.

this is the business.

a moisturizer that's lightweight, exfoliates and it hides the dark spots.

leaves your skin fresh and bright.

and it smells awesome!

apply liberally before and after the flight.

during too probably.


4. fresh créme ancienne eye cream.

 guys this is everything.

anti-inflammatory, reduces lines, puffiness and under-eye circles.

oh yes it does.

which is pretty much the thing you need on an all night flight. 

and it smells like marshmallows and flowers.


5. plastic travel pack.

obviously you can't take all these goodies on the plane with you as is..

you must scoop some out and fill up some tiny containers.

admittedly the BEST part of packing.

i can't wait to fill my tiny vessels (that's what she said).


6. josie maran rosey mist refreshing rosewater.

this smells amazing and keeps your skin glowy and hydrated.

a must.

squirt liberally on your grill and on everyone who stinks.


7. emergen-c.

i drink one before a flight, one during and one after.



8. EO hand sanitizing wipes.

wipe down everything.


these are great for the kids too.

and they're easy to pack.



9. earplugs for you and your kid.

this is so super major important on an all night flight.

to block the snorers and talkers.


and i forgot to add this to the moodboard but it is really important...


10. bucky 40 winks sleep mask.

it's a bra for your eyes.



and finally..

perhaps the most important bit-

a good night's sleep.


melatonin shmelatonin.

valerian smellerian.


i'm pulling out the big guns-



and for the kids:

bach flower essences rescue remedy for kids 



i'd love to hear some of your tried and true flight essentials.



travel farts,