stylish and not overdecorated

did you all see mike d's place in the ny times?

i enjoyed it.

i love seeing homes that reflect the person who lives there and not the decorater who designed it.

in this case that would be no one.

just stylish people getting their jam on in their home.

i am not taking a shit on decorators..

i mean lets face it...

very few people know how to make their house look good.

for them decorators are a must.

but every once in a while you get to see something like this and as a sometimes decorator i take notes.

bc when i help you with your house..

this is my goal.



high end furniture mixes with vintage (tea cart) and target (pouf).

and i love that there is just enough in this room.

yet it's warm and inviting.





moonrise kingdom inspired media room.

yes, i did notice that they stole my mattress as sofa idea.



great art, great rug, great blanket.

everything else is purely practical.

such a serene and cozy room.





those shelves blow my mind a little.

beautiful, but i have to say i would always be a little worried about it.


speaking of shelves and brain explosions..


mrs. davis had these shelves made based on ones she saw in a paris bistro.

and i died a little bc they are amazing.



you can see many more pics here.



and yesterday i got clued into a few more amazing products for your flight..


a reader says she slathers this on at the beginning of the flight..


and then when she's landing she takes it all off with these..

she arrives fresh as a daisy.


already ordered.



have a glorious weekend butter butts.