workout wear

 i've always heard that one of the best ways to get motivated to exercise is to buy new workout clothes.

i don't have to get motivated to exercise anymore.

but it took me a long time to get here.

i DO get bored with my routine and seek new ways to change it up.

but i move my body almost every single day.

and it DOES help to get a new pair of shoes or a new pair of shorts that don't look like grandpa's dirty boxers to keep it flowing.



here are some of my workout favorites and some i want on my person...






most of the time i work out in whatever i slept in but for those times when it's not an option it's nice to have a few public-friendly workout outfits in your closet.


fyi- i don't do a lot of cardio which is why there is the absence of a sturdier workout bra. 

normally i do all workouts in my yoga bra.

except for tracy anderson dance shit.

for that i typically just hold my boobs, cry and stop after 15 minutes.