early morning glow


so last night i put a different kind of mask on my face.


it was 100% clear.


and it was this:



in a post last week i shared that a reader had suggested we all use this on our grills during a long flight and then take it off when we landed revealing glowy baby skin.

so i bought it.

it came in the mail yesterday and i tried it last night..


the results are kind of awesome, right?


that is a glow akin to someone eating a raw vegan diet.

and my 7 days a week nutella on toast/wine habit only proves that this stuff works.


plus it smells like straight up rose heaven.


get it, ok?

you won't regret it.


speaking of regret.


you may have noticed that i pulled all posts surrounding paulagate cum mfambgate. (haha you said cum)

there was just too much out there being written about me that simply wasn't true.

i am still getting hate mail on the hour and if you could sit in my shoes for one minute you'd see that i made the right choice to pull it, rather than continue to defend my point. 

even if i know the things being said are juvenile and incorrect it's not fun being on the receiving end of such negativity and poison.

my readers who know me know where i come from and who i am. 

and that is all that matters to me.

the rest can go scratch. (to quote the most graceful, eloquent housewife of all time- teresa guidice)

if anyone out there wants to email me and talk about anything constructively i encourage them to do so.

but i am done talking about it on the blog.

i promise.

and i will be deleting any comments that are hurtful in any way.



in other news-

i am WAY more famous now than i was last thursday.

i think i blew up squarespace for a minute.